Banking and finance law

Through a comprehensive study of the problem, we propose various solutions ranging from out-of-court negotiation with the bank to the filing of lawsuits.

Mortgage advice and debt restructuring and refinancing

We advise and represent our clients in cases related to the search for mortgage financing, as well as debt restructuring and refinancing.

Second Chance Law

It is a process that is covered by the Insolvency Act and affects natural persons, whether or not they are entrepreneurs (not commercial companies).


Foreclosure is a legal process by which a financial institution or creditor can repossess a property on which a mortgage has been constituted.


We offer mediation services to help resolve conflicts between parties in an efficient, rapid and consensual manner. We will guide you through the process and help you find the solution.

Family law

We offer a close and personalised approach to these sensitive issues that affect people in a profound way. Come in and discover all the areas we can help you with.

Civil contracts

We offer a personalised and qualified contract drafting service, with the aim of protecting our clients’ interests and preventing future legal problems.

Administrative law

At Lanvèrt we offer advice and representation in all aspects of administrative law, both in the prevention of problems and in the defence of our clients’ interests.

Criminal law

Drafting of complaints, drafting of criminal complaints, defence in all criminal proceedings, assistance to the detainee in police custody, assistance to the detainee in appeals…

Public law and town planning

We offer a team of lawyers who are experts in public law, and especially in urban planning, highly specialised and with solid experience in urban development. Residential projects, shopping centres…

Real estate law

Real estate law has become one of the main sectors of Western economies and is considered one of the economic drivers here in Spain.

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