Banking and finance law

Through a comprehensive study of the problem, we propose various solutions ranging from out-of-court negotiation with the bank, to the filing of lawsuits, both individual and cumulative, in defence of our clients’ rights.

We act in all aspects of banking law, especially with regard to relations between financial institutions. (Banks), and their clients, paying great attention to banking malpractice (Mala Práctica Bancaria), we advise both natural and legal persons who have been victims of the incorrect contracting of banking and financial products.


At Lanvèrt, we have a team specialised in banking and consumer law, which is responsible for advising and representing our clients in cases related to abusive clauses in mortgage contracts. Our lawyers have extensive experience in resolving related proceedings and are able to advise clients at all stages of the process.

In short, at Lanvèrt, we provide a comprehensive and specialised service in banking and consumer law, with a team of highly qualified lawyers with experience in resolving cases related to abusive clauses in mortgage contracts. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on how we can help you.


The Lanvèrt legal team specialises in banking and consumer law, representing and advising our clients in cases involving revolving credit cards. We have extensive experience in recovering money overcharged by banks and finance companies for abusive interest rates.


It is a very special and complex type of mortgage as it is denominated in foreign currency. It has a high risk, since in the event of changes in the trend that revalue the currency (yen, Swiss francs, etc.) of reference of the mortgage, not only will we not pay less in our mortgage instalment, but we will owe more money than at the beginning. It is a highly complex and very high risk financial product, which requires specialised advice to understand what the consequences may be.


Banks usually oblige their customers to take out a life insurance policy and to pay the full premium for the policy in one lump sum. This practice is abusive and can be claimed for the return of the premium.


In recent years, banks have been marketing a series of very complex financial products aimed at attracting savings from their customers. Such as structured bonds, preference shares, Santander securities, complex investment funds and high-risk stock market transactions. These products had as a hook the promise of obtaining very high interest rates, much more than those offered by traditional products such as fixed-term deposits or investment funds, but not everything has turned out to be so profitable for the investor…

At Lanvèrt, we have an excellent group of professionals who have won hundreds of judgements in this field.


Phishing is identity theft in which impostors impersonate a company, institution or service known to the customer in order to steal the customer’s bank details or make unauthorised purchases or transfers.

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