Foreclosure is a legal process by which a financial institution or a lender can foreclose on a property. creditor can repossess a property on which a mortgage has been constituted, because the debtor has defaulted in the payment of the instalments established in the mortgage loan contract within the framework of the LCCI (law on real estate credit contract)

At Lanvèrt, we offer specialised services to help our clients in this process, providing legal advice in the negotiation and management of these foreclosures, seeking solutions that allow our clients to get out of this situation in a satisfactory and fair way.

We offer a personalised and close attentionWe have a team specialised in banking and foreclosure law, which advises and represents our clients in cases related to the foreclosure of their home or real estate property.

Our lawyers have extensive experience in negotiating and obtaining alternatives to stop the foreclosure, eviction, and auction of the property, and seek solutions that benefit the client.

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