Insolvency law: New pre-insolvency: restructuring plans

There is a possibility that if a company foresees that it will not be able to meet its obligations due within the next two years, it can take this approach and apply for a restructuring plan.

It is essential for the viability of companies to know how to adapt to changes in our environment. Businesses face a multitude of threats and opportunities that force them to be alert to act in order to achieve the best results for the company.

At Lanvèrt, we help you understand the complex environment of borrowers, lenders and shareholders, and manage communications with all stakeholders, in order to anticipate issues and make the best decisions. We also assess short-term liquidity requirements and consider actions to preserve value and address potential risks to financial stability.

Lanvèrt has experts in operational restructuring who are essential to be able to communicate to the competent bodies that the company has a business viability plan to ensure its continuity and avoid bankruptcy.

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