Mortgage advice

The Lanvèrt economic team is responsible for advising and representing our clients in cases related to the search for mortgage financing, as well as debt restructuring and refinancing in order to reduce monthly repayments.

Exoneration of unsatisfied liabilities (former second chance law)

One of the most relevant reforms is that, if a series of requirements are met and the debtor makes use of a payment plan, instead of liquidating his or her assets, there is the possibility of keeping the debtor’s habitual residence.

New insolvency law: new preconcurso. The restructuring plans

Existe la posibilidad de que si una empresa prevé que no podrá hacer frente a sus obligaciones vencidas en los próximos dos años, pueda adoptar esta vía y solicitar un plan de reestructuración.

Corporate debt restructuring

It is essential for the viability of companies to know how to adapt to changes in our environment. Businesses face a host of threats and opportunities.

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