Business consultancy

Our economics consultants, with expertise in areas such as financial management, restructuring and management control, will work with your team to develop growth strategies and improve the operational efficiency of your business. We will help you analyse and optimise your company’s financial and production processes by identifying opportunities for savings and improvements in working capital management.

We can also help you establish key performance indicators and measure your company’s profitability by providing a clear view of your current financial situation and the other strategic areas of the company.

In addition, our consultants can provide advice on finance-accounting, taxation, compliance with legal obligations and preventive restructuring of companies within and outside insolvency law.

In short, our Economic Management Consultancy service provides strategic focus and technical support to help you maximise your business performance. If you are looking to improve the financial efficiency of your business and achieve your growth objectives, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on how we can help you.

Strategic consultancy

The strategic approach is fundamental to the success of any company and at Lanvèrt we understand this perfectly. That is why we offer services that help our clients define and achieve their business objectives.

Management and organisational consultancy

We advise the company’s management on management and control functions
so that their decisions are implemented effectively and to ensure that all staff perform
their duties.

Economic and financial consultancy

Study and analysis of the company’s financial statements in order to find out where the company stands and set targets for improvement. The activity could be grouped into three main groups:
Reporting, Analysis and Planning

Account auditing

La auditoría es una herramienta clave para la gestión de riesgos y la mejora de la calidad empresarial. At Lanvèrt we offer company auditing services to comply with legal, accounting, tax and economic obligations.

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