Comprehensive legal outsourcing

Lanvèrt offers legal outsourcing services for companies looking to outsource their legal services. With our outsourcing service, companies can rely on a team of lawyers specialised in various areas of law.

Companies and commercial law

Advice on the creation and management of companies, assistance in the liquidation of companies, advice on the sale and purchase of companies and businesses, advice on contracting…

Arrangement for bankruptcy

We have a team of highly qualified insolvency lawyers, economists and insolvency administrators:Negotiation, prior study and adaptation of the company, viability plan…

Claims for unpaid debts

Debt collection is a legal process that takes place when a creditor has not received payment from a debtor. At Lanvèrt we offer you a specialised service in this field.

Public law and town planning

We offer a team of lawyers who are experts in public law, and especially in urban planning, highly specialised and with solid experience in urban development: residential projects, shopping centres…

Real estate law

Real estate law has become one of the main sectors of Western economies and is considered one of the economic drivers here in Spain.

Management of self-development or housing cooperatives

Both self-development and housing cooperatives are a special and essential part of the advice provided by this firm, as we advise both the management companies and the self-developers themselves.

Cooperative law

As co-operative lawyers, we provide legal and financial advisory services to assist you in the successful incorporation of this legal entity and take care of the timely resolution. of doubts, conflicts and demands.

Franchise law

At Lanvèrt abogados we are experts in the franchise system, providing a comprehensive independent legal service, both to franchises and franchisees, even providing our advice to companies approved by the franchisor.

Digital law, new technologies and intellectual property

New technologies are here to stay and the growth of the internet brings with it many advantages, but also big problems. That is why Lanvèrt advises you on digital law and new technologies.


Economic activity on the internet is affected by extensive and constantly changing legislation. That is why Lanvèrt helps you to deal with the numerous legal issues that may arise in the day-to-day running of your online business with personalised attention.

Outsourcing of financial management

We have financial consultants available to companies who plan and monitor all aspects of the company’s finances, working hand in hand with the manager of the company in question. We support SMEs and the self-employed.

Tourism law

We are the only office of lawyers and economists specialised in tourism law in the province of Cordoba, among the services we provide are; Processing of licences in the Junta de Andalucia, subsidies…

Agricultural law

We help and advise you both in the prevention and resolution of possible conflict situations in this area, as well as in the field of agricultural quality, which could affect the sector’s production and consumption chain.


Compliance is the need for a company to establish adequate procedures to ensure that managers, employees and other related actors comply with current regulations.

Economic criminal law

We are experts in economic criminal law, both from the point of view of preventing potentially dangerous situations, as well as advising you and defending you in the event that you are affected by punishable conduct.

Banking law for businesses

At Lanvèrt we are specialists in; Risky financial products, SWAPS, CAP’S, interest rate hedging, complex financial investment products, abusive clauses in company loans…